1. Use one planner, datebook or calendar to write down appointments, things to do, birthdays, school days off, etc...

  2. Plan ahead to use your time more efficiently, Make ATM deposits on the way to work, before lunch or at the grocery store.

  3. Go through your mail, remove outside envelope/contents and place your bill and return envelope with your bills to be paid. Put all ads and junk mail in recycle bin. Shred any personal information such as blank checks.

  4. Write down everything you carry in your wallet or purse and keep in a safe place at home. Be sure to include credit card information (company name, credit card # and contact information for reporting lost or stolen cards).

  5. Consider wrapping coins to take to the bank or using a service like Coinstar to turn your change into dollars.

  6. Go through your medicine cabinets twice a year (January and June) and throw away expired medications. Make a list of items you need to replace.

  7. Organize your kitchen pantry and group like items together so you'll know what you have and need to purchase.

  8. Photographs can be stored in albums, photo file boxes, scrapbooks, scanned in or put on cd's to be viewed on your computer.

  9. Keep the cosmetics you use on a daily basis in a drawer, basket or plastic zippered bag so you have them together when you need them.

  10. Clothing that you still love or hope to get back into one day can be stored in plastic containers for under-the-bed storage.

  11. Keep coupons and special offer discounts for restaurants, activities and grocery stores in a coupon holder or plastic bag/container in your car. When you arrive at your destination you won't be upset that you left them at home.

  12. Purchase a roll of lifesavers to use as birthday candle holders. They look nice and won't leave marks on the birthday cake.

  13. Buy a couple extra pairs of reading glasses and store them in your glove compartment and office for the times you need them.