"I've availed myself of the services offered by Diane Sharp and found her to be very professional and knowledgeable in many areas. More importantly, she imparts an enthusiasm that motivates you to finally eliminate the clutter that has impacted your life, perhaps for years. She doesn't approach her assignments as 'just a job.' She truly derives great personal satisfaction in being able to remove the stress, mental strain, and fatigue of clutter that can be overwhelming, and shares with you that wonderful feeling of accomplishment of a job well done. I wholeheartedly recommend her services."  Doris H.

"When I called Get Organized and More I had reached the point of being totally overwhelmed and I needed to suffer in silence or reach out and do something about it. Being disorganized caused me so much pain. A trip I had planned to go on had to be cancelled since I couldn't find my passport. My kids school papers were lost in the mass of paper and I felt totally out of control. When I met Diane it was like a breath of fresh air. She worked with me to de-clutter my home and put systems in place. This was one of the best investments I ever made and I now have more time for me."   Sally G.

"Diane is fast and efficient and working with her was easy and effortless."  Ron B.

"Diane is a wizard at organizing. She helped me increase my productivity by providing structure and organization in my office."  Steve M.

"Without Diane's help and expertise I never would have completed what seemed to me like endless hours of organization. She kept me focused and we accomplished so much in such a short time. Hiring Diane was one of the best decisions I ever made!"  Chrissie K.

"Diane Sharp is a very high energy, enthusiastic and fun person to work with.  Even in our first meeting she gave me some ideas and I was able to get started on re-organizing my space and clearing my clutter. My favorite was to ask - Do I love this, or not? This worked extremely well for me, especially when it came to clearing my closets.  She really digs in and works along side you to get the job done. I was amazed at how much we could get done together in a very short space of time. She kept me focused and going strong. We laughed and had fun along the way.  She helped me achieve my objectives much sooner than I had planned. I was able to get rid of an off-site storage locker several months before I had anticipated, thus saving me money. I continue to use some of her ideas to maintain an organized and clutter free home.   Diane is an awesome lady, and I look forward to working with her again in the future. If you need help getting and staying organized, clearing clutter or setting up space and systems that really work, give her a call. She's amazing. She turned this pack rat into someone who thinks twice before cluttering up my life again."  Judy P.

"I've worked with Diane many times over the past year and have enjoyed every minute of it. She is very personable, non-judgmental and completely undaunted by projects which have intimidated me for years. She just digs in and we get it done, one piece of clutter at a time. In addition to having great tips about how to sort items and where to donate things I no longer need, she is great at helping me organize my home in a way that works for me. And on top of it all, she reminds me to look back at all the progress I have made and to feel good about the accomplishment. I highly recommend Diane to everyone."  Judy K.